What  did  Kenneth   catch   from   Chinese  Kungfu .

 Kenneth  had  ever   been  practicing  Chinese Kungfu   with   Jimmy  at  Taiwan .
             [ Kenneth  曾在台灣跟著長洪武術中壢所 廖兆旻/廖秋陽 教練學武術練氣功. ] 

Kungfu  is  like  medicine  for me and so is  qigong.
It  has  helped  me  calm down  my  mind  and ---
feel  more grounded.
I  read in the book that ---
Jimmy gave  me that the purpose of the stances is ---
to  sink  your  chi and to  find  your  dantien.
I  feel  like I am more rooted --
to the ground  and  more  mentally ---
and  emotionally balanced than before.
And I feel  much  more  aware --
of my  breathing and my surroundings from qigong.
Now, after practicing for almost 2 years,
I feel like something  is  missing in my  day ---
if I don't  at least practice mabu  or the horse stance ---
as well as the other stances.

 Kenneth  had  ever   been  practicing  Chinese  Kungfu   with   Jimmy  at  Taiwan .
           [ Kenneth  曾在台灣跟著長洪武術中壢所 廖兆旻/廖秋陽 教練學武術練氣功. ] 

Also, I  always try to do the first basic fist, Lien Bu Chuan,
at least  once or twice a day ,
if I don't have enough time to do a full practice.
I feel like my body's energy is flowing much better---
after that each day and especially after qigong.
Since  being  back to  the  US,
I have told my friends  and  family ---
the vast  benefits of kungfu and qigong,
but I don't think anyone can  really understand until --
they do it on a regular basis themselves.
It's  much  more  than just  exercising  and  self-defense.

                Kenneth  had  ever   been  practicing  Chinese  Kungfu  
                           with   Jimmy  at  Taiwan .
            [ Kenneth  曾在台灣跟著長洪武術中壢所 廖兆旻/廖秋陽 教練學武術練氣功. ]

        After qigong,I feel  my body's energy is flowing much better .
     [ Kenneth  曾在台灣跟著長洪武術中壢所 廖兆旻/廖秋陽 教練學武術練氣功. ]

Also, before I began kungfu and qigong,
I had  bad insomnia  and  ---
could  barely sleep each night with medication.
Now  I am  off of all  sleep  medication  and ---
sleep  very well naturally each night.
I thought I  would  never be able to best  my insomnia ---
and be able to live a  normal life  once  again,
but Chinese Kungfu  and  qigong  proved  me  wrong.
Because  of this, I will  never stop  practicing.

 I will  never  stop  practicing  Chinese Kungfu  and  qigong .
[ Kenneth  曾在台灣跟著長洪武術中壢所 廖兆旻/廖秋陽 教練學武術練氣功. ]



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